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San Salvador

Can Maiol welcomes you with the best views of Sant Salvador mountain and the monastery housed at the top. The origin of the Santuari Sant Salvador dates back to 1348, while the current church has towered over Felanitx since 1707.  Whether you choose to climb the 509-metre-high mountain by rental car, bicycle, or on foot, the view will reward you.  Look to the west and you may be able to make out Can Maiol. Behind it, in the far distance, is Palma and the Tramuntana mountains on the horizon. If you look east, you will see the beautiful east coast of Mallorca, from Portocolom to Porto Petro and Cala Santanyi. In the monastery, two families run a hostel and a café where you can drink a cortadó with the best view.


From Can Maiol, drive in the direction of Felanitx and take the serpentine path that leads up to the monastery directly behind the village.

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Although Can Maiol legally belongs to Porreres, Felanitx is the nearest town from the finca. The numerous windmills above the town hint at its agricultural history. However, Felanitx was not only the place where flour was milled, it was also Mallorca's first wine-growing area towards the end of the 18th century. Today, you can buy local wine at the weekly market on Sundays, but you can also find top-quality almonds, capers and handmade ceramics here. The old wine cellar cooperative on the outskirts of the town is currently being painstakingly restored by the town and is to become a cultural centre once it is completed. Culinary delights include the best bocadillos (according to locals), an organic butcher with the best (and cheapest) Iberico at the entrance to town, and several supermarkets, including a large Lidl.


After leaving Can Maiol, you are at the entrance to Felanitx in less than five minutes.

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It Trenc

Why fly all the way to the Caribbean when a kilometre-long sandy beach with turquoise-blue water can be so close? Es Trenc beach has almost legendary status among Mallorca holidaymakers who value the south-east of the island.  Behind the dunes, which are under nature protection, there are some so-called salt pans for sea salt extraction. There you can also buy salt directly in its natural state or in different flavours. At the ends in Colonía Sant Jordí and Sa Rapitá, as well as in the middle at Ses Covetes, you will also find a few gastronomic offers, but the rest of the beach is rather left to its nature.


From Can Maiol, the quickest way to reach the beautiful beach Es Trenc is to drive via Campos in the direction of Sa Rapitá or Ses Covetes. Parking is closer to the beach in Sa Rapitá than elsewhere.

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Christopher Columbus is said to have been born here, although this has never been proven, but Mallorca's largest natural harbour at least owes its name to him. Not only the beautiful harbour invites you to visit, but also the beaches of S'Arenal and Cala Marçal are worth seeing. At the small old town in the eastern part of the city are the well-known traditional fishing boats, called Llaut by the locals. From there, a shore path also leads around the bay to S'Arenal beach, which offers a beautiful view of the Far de Portocolom lighthouse and the bay.


The beaches of Portocolm can be reached quickly from Can Maiol. From Felanitx, you can follow the motorway towards Portocolom, which takes you once around Sant Salvador and ends with direct sea access in Portocolom.

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Santanyí has long since ceased to be an insider tip, and anyone who has been to the wonderful market in high summer will know why. The weekly markets on Saturdays and Wednesdays are not only popular with tourists, however, because the Mallorcans also appreciate the fresh fruit and vegetables, the cold-pressed olive oils, salt from Es Trenc and many small handmade treasures. It is best to plan an early visit to the market, after which you can continue directly to Cala Santanyí. But Santanyí is also worth a visit outside of market days: whether you want to drink a fresh Kölsch, eat a delicious pizza or tapas, you'll find it here.


Drive from Can Maiol via Felanitx towards C'as Concos and you will reach Santanyí after a beautiful drive through the Es Carritxó valley and past fields and farms. Santanyí can also be reached by bicycle from Can Maiol along asphalted country lanes. 

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Palma de Mallorca

The foundation of the city of Palma actually dates back to 123 BC and it has been the capital of Mallorca ever since. A walk through the well-preserved old town gives an idea of the city's turbulent history, and several museums tell even more about it. La Seu Cathedral is not far from the coast and the Parque del Mar in front seems made for great holiday photos. Sample some local cuisine in one of the many market halls, such as the Mercat d'Olivar or the Mercat de Santa Catalina. For shopping, Palma also offers many well-known big chains as well as small, local shops with great fashion and décor.



Drive from Can Maiol via Porreres in the direction of Montuïri. From there, the motorway leads you directly to the Parque del Mar in front of Palma's cathedral, where you can easily park in the multi-storey car park. From there you have the perfect starting point to explore the city.

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